UT Crawler Scorpion B-Scan System

UT R-Scan System

Conventional UT

MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage

Phased Array

ECAT (Eddy Current Array Testing)

RFT (Remote Field Testing) ECT (Eddy Current Testing) NFT (Near Field Testing

GWT (Guided Wave Testing)

Digital Radiography with X-Ray Tubes

Penetrating liquids

Detection of surface defects of any non-porous material, such as metals, plastics or ceramics.

It is possible to detect discontinuities such as:

Magnetizable Particles

Detects surface and sub-surface defects in ferrous parts.
They can be used to detect and characterize defects such as:

Industrial borescopy and videoscopy

Hardness. Metallographic Replicas

SRUT (Short Range Ultrasonic Testing)

Thermography and gas leak detection

Drone for Aerial Visual Inspection

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