Aeronautical Inspection


F&G Technologies offers state-of-the-art technology that allows us to inspect aircraft components without the need to remove it.

Among them is a revolutionary solution in the detection of cracks, fissures and subsurface corrosion by means of the MIZ 21C equipment based on multi-element faucault current technology. which is used to detect subsurface cracks and corrosion by inducing a magnetic field in the structure under inspection. These faults will disturb the amplitude and pattern of the eddy currents, helping to alert you to potential faults.



F&G TECHNOLOGIES has portable equipment for Inspection by superficial eddy currents, achieving a better application even in work at height or with difficult access.

Ideal for demanding NDT applications in

  • Application time and immediate result. Data acquisition is quick and easy.

  • Allows sizing of faults.

  • Generates a data log for report, which is repeatable and analyzable offline for an analysis of progress of failure over time.

  • Does not require surface preparation. Can be applied with coating.

  • Improved flaw detection, sizing with C-scan images.

  • Replacement of PT and MT techniques.

  • It does not create a dirty environment that needs subsequent cleaning, nor does it affect the part.

  • Sensitive to surface defects found in the ultrasonic "dead zone"

  • Precise positioning of defects using coded data.

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