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MIZ 200
Eddy current inspection for crack and fissure detection
MIZ 200
High performance eddy current inspection for heat exchanger tubes.
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ouers Services

Leaders in non-destructive testing

Comprehensive Inspection of Aerial Storage Tanks - API653

Tank Bottom Mapping High Resolution MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) Tank Enclosure and Roof Remote UT - Crawler Scorpion B-Scan - Welds - Phased Array and Eddy Current Array - Audit by Res. 785/266 Interior tank washing - Cold cutting with high pressure water

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Tubular Inspection of Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Boilers and Condensers

Non-Ferrous Alloy Tubes HSECT (High Speed Eddy Current Testing) Ferrous Alloy Tubes RFT (Remote Field Testing) Aluminum finned tubes NFT (Near Field Testing) Hydrokinetic Flushing, Hydraulic Test, Assembly and disassembly with a Sledgehammer

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Inspection of Aerial, Underground or Submarine Pipelines

Mapping the Pipeline remotely GWT (Guided waves Testing) Welds Phased Array, Digital Radiography RX, Eddy Current Array Corrosion under supports SRUT (Short Range Ultrasonic Testing) Robotized interior washing

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Inspection of equipment subjected to API 510 pressure

Remote corrosion control without scaffolding Crawler Scorpion B-Scan Welds Phased Array, Digital Radiography RX, Eddy Current Array Hydrokinetic Washing

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Inspection and Washing Service for Tubing and Sucker Rods

Inspection, washing and reconditioning of casing pipes and rods by NDT methods and state-of-the-art washing systems. Certification and selection according to the pre-established acceptance-rejection criteria.

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Inspections in the aeronautical industry

Eddy current array for detection of superficial and subsurface cracks in critical parts according to international standards Phased Array Ultrasound High resolution boroscopy

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Plant survey and maintenance planning

Predictive Maintenance Service and Asset maintenance management through Web tools.

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Engineering and mechanical integrity

Predictive Maintenance Service and Asset Maintenance Management. RBI and HAZOP methodologies. Risk analysis, failure and fitness for service. Mechanical calculations.

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Hydrokinetic Ultra High Pressure Wash

Hydro cutting service, hydro demolition, cryogenic cleaning, tubing cleaning, hydrokinetic cleaning, periodic mixer cleaning, industrial assemblies and surface and painting preparation. Attention in plant stoppages

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Remote access (UT) to ferromagnetic structures. Without the need for expensive wandering. Displace vertically, horizontally the enclosed inverted. Sizes from 2.5 mm up to 100 mm, even through painting.

UT Crawler Scorpion
B-Scan System

Ergonomic hand scanner A-scan and B-scan data in real time Ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Able to measure thicknesses of material ranging from 2.5 mm to 100 mmkness and conductivity measurement.

UT R-Scan System

Scan A, Scan B, Max / Min thicknesses, etc. Inspections in tubes with complex geometries. Measurement of wall thicknesses remaining in coated materials.

Conventional UT

Tank bottom corrosion mapping Report of failures from 0 to 100% loss of thickness in ranges of 1%. Inspection with coatings up to 6 mm thick without inconvenience. Quicker and more efficient than other conventional techniques.

MFL (Magnetic
Flux Leakage)

Quick and automated scanning of tank, pressure vessel, pipe and equipment sheet welds without removing the liners. Service for the detection of fissures, fissures and / or corrosion in connection flanges.

Phased Array

Crack and fissure detection Multilayer corrosion inspection. Coating thickness and conductivity measurement.

ECAT (Eddy Current
Array Testing)

Define with certainty what pressure the pipes can withstand. Ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tube inspection Detection of failures due to stress corrosion and microbiological attack.


Ability to inspect Inaccessible Areas Only local access to the surface is required. Quick mapping for in-service diagnostics. Avoid Removing and re-installing insulation and / or coatings.

GWT (Guided Wave

High resolution X-ray imaging failure analysis. Real-time analysis. Allows you to see the internal structure of an object and detect corrosion and other anomalies

Digital Radiography
with X-Ray Tubes

Detection of surface defects of any non-porous material, such as metals, plastics or ceramics. It is possible to detect discontinuities such as: -Fatigue cracks -Hydrogen-induced cracks -Cracks due to stress corrosion


Detects surface and sub-surface defects in ferrous parts. They can be used to detect and characterize defects such as: cracks, peeling, seams, porosities, bumps, casting interruptions, hot tears, unfused elements, etc.


Visual detection method for quality control of areas that human eyes cannot directly observe, special areas such as vessels, the inner part of the non-dismountable equipment pipe, the inner surface of the pipe space, the surface of the liquid, etc

Industrial borescopy
and videoscopy

Tests to guarantee the quality of your metallic materials. It is possible to determine the quality and resistance of the analyzed materials and to identify the damages in a structure or to estimate the useful life of these.

Metallographic replicas

Tank Floor Annular Plate Inspection Concrete Liner Interface Inspection Inspection under pipe supports Pipe interfaces Scanning under ship supports

SRUT (Short Range
Ultrasonic Testing)

Identification of accumulation of solids in tanks, vessels under pressure, pipes and accessories, etc. Detection of internal and external leaks.

Thermography and gas
leak detection

Latest generation camera with suspended lens and great image stability. Survey of industrial plants. Aerial identification of spills in oil fields.

Drone for Aerial Visual



Attention 24 hours in field emergencies. We know how important it is to characterize a failure in time

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